Traffic situation in India (or Ahmedabad)

Watching Satyamev Jayte, and it reminds me the blog post of mine, in which I had included the traffic situation in Ahmedabad. The first reaction from a person, who is a law abiding citizen and follows the rules and regulations with honesty, but in the end he is proven a fool. His reactions saying that “I am a criminal who is getting the punishment and the person is the culprit who killed (sorry murdered) my family.” The second is a very tragic incident of the school bus accident. Here, also the driver was not having any license. He was drug-addict. Now, the officer says that often it can be seen that people take the drugs in the vehicle and drink in the vehicle, is normal. Personally, I have experienced that sometimes ago, unfortunately there was noone to help and the people went away with proud saying “we drink, what would you do?” The condition of bus was the worst and details from the postmortem report of the driver is never submitted and road development was also not proper. Now, who was guilty here? The kids? The people who were traveling from that road?? Everyone knows the answer.. The third story is also about the same. Now, about the truck drivers, one of them asks Aamir khan to get him the license whenever he wants after just passing the photograph. Now, this is a hard slap on the government!! How this things can happen and why the hell the normal people should respect government? About drink and drive, 80% people may do this and it’s not a new or surprising thing. The government and cops know all about these things and these things happen like on a regular routine. This is happening. And here comes a man, who is responsible for this and having an attitude that I am not responsible. And gives a perfect answer which I had written in my blog, that punish us!! Aamir says, it is the responsibility of the citizens to follow the rules and not government’s duty to make them follow. Definitely this is wrong. Maharashtra ACT (Additional Commissioner of Transport) Satish Sahastrabhdhe comes and was asked the questions about RTO works. He responses, people should be forcing to make them follow the rule, like this is very easy!! About this he says, provisions are in constitution. But they are not being followed that he is not ready to accept. He say, we are not able to control these things as they are not in numbers, I would like to ask him, what is someone kidnaps your daughter and you go for the police for help and they say we are having lots of kidnapping cases and we can not look into this. I would like to get a reaction from him. And he still talking about the act and I wanna ask “How much of this act you are acting upon??” To get the hope only from the normal people is a very bad thing. It is actually your duty to make sure the rules are being followed. Now, there is Dr. Rohit Baluja, who is from Institute of Road and Traffic education!!! LOL!!! There is such institution in India?? Seriously?? Government is responsible for such bad roads he says and then he shows the pics. Seriously?? There are roads in Ahmedabad you should see or at lease read Ahmedabad Mirror for this, this is not a new things for us! And really great things he described!! But one where the pedestrian was crossing, actually there was a zebra crossing there!! But why??? And later on, we are not allowing the pedestrians to cross the roads, but here I would like to call Ahmedabad Traffic Police, what are their reactions on this thing and their efforts what do they do??? Around 6000 kids are killed every year, which is twice the fidelity rate of UK!! Sad it is!! Every cars having 0 stars in India!! #MakeInIndia now!! Later, it comes on the people’s reaction on the accidents. As everyone knows, this is because of the problems which are to be faced later due to the government rules and systems and as well know, the western countries example is been given. And then, the people always say that the youngsters are obsessed with the western culture, I say why shouldn’t we?? And then the great example of the training given to the police became very useful!! as well as the boys example was great!! Hats off!! Now, here I would like to mention a recent accident happened in Ahmedabad, which took place in the BRTS root. Here, a teenager boy was going to his classes and suddenly a black BMW came there and killed that boy off!! As we know, even Ambulances are prohibited in the BRTS lane and we all know how much people are there who are taking care of the BRTS roots, but still this happen. Now, the father of the boy did all the government’s job and find out all evidence from the CCTV camera footage. Here, the father had the only question which will make everyone silent: “What was the fault of my son?” His son was crossing the BRTS lane from the zebra crossing and which is prohibited for the other vehicles. Someone came and hit him, then the police is the one who should do the investigation, the father was doing that all!! Really?? This must changed!!! The thing which I saw here that people also became very much emotional here, but the bitter fact is that, in our real life, we all are used to this. We read and see this in our every day’s life. We have accepted that only the illegal things can run in this country. Even the person who strongly believe to follow the rules and regulations, is being count in an idiot. Rich and powerful people having big connection can do anything they want and can also say this to proudly to all the people that they are ready to ahead in this procedure in the system but are they ready? To risk their job, time and other things?? Then, the normal citizen get afraid, because the reality is that, the people have no real help from the place from where they should get the help. How this can be solved?? The answer lies just here. The constitution is been divided into three parts:Legislature, Executive and Judicial. Legislature forms laws. Executive tack care whether they are executed well or not. Surprisingly, there is something written in our constitution that, if a law is formed, it is the duty of the Executive branch to see that it must be executed properly by everyone and must be same for everyone!! (Feels like this is bullshit!!) Judicial is the branch which includes the courts and police, in which any citizen thinks the law is not being executed properly, can go and make it done!! (Are you kidding us???) People reading this, will say me that I am really overreacting and should not write like this, but please tell me, in Ahmedabad, how many people wear helmets? stops behind the stop lines while it is the red line? How much time people break the red signals in front of the traffic police, including the AMTS and ST buses?? The above example is there, for the license, in which the driver says that the license can be made by only the photograph. In front of the internation television and we also know this, it is a fact!! Surprisingly, Aamir khan did not rise the issue of Salman Khan, it must have been there. What about that Mr. Khan?? Did those footpath residents were not that important?? This is what happens, it is an open and shut case, which must be finished max to max in what?? 6 months or something?? But no!! Still running on and on!!! For all the time, Salman Khan is the bad boy of bollywood and the hunk, bade dilwala for the media, but the day he is having his hearing for the case, he is a criminal, full day footage are running on him!! Is this acceptable?? That’s it!! Make the law same for all and justice for all!! Then, the rest is easy!!


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